Feb 14, 2008

I've Been Up To No Good

Yesterday I had to spend the entire day outside in my dog house. Mom got up and followed the trail of garbage from the kitchen into and across the living room. There I was, laying in the middle of a pile of garbage that I was enjoying. Mom barked at me in her outside voice and I jumped up and ran. Not that Mom's ever hurt me, but just cuz I knew she was very upset with me. She opened the back door and I ran outside into my run. Good thing it was kinda warm out. I was lonely all day and evening though.

Today, Mom put me out when she got company about 10:30am, then it was a little after 3pm when she let me back inside. That was much better. I went into the kitchen and found a very nice smelling sandwich sitting on the counter. I was sure Mom had made it for me, though I wasn't sure why she'd have put lettuce in my sandwich. I'm a dog, and dogs don't eat lettuce. I was sniffing it and just about to bite into it when I heard a loud, growl-like noise behind me. That's when I realized maybe Mom made the sandwich for herself. I quickly exited into the living room again.

At the rate I'm going lately, I might need something to strengthen what is called the wei qi, or the defensive energy of the body against disease. Maybe I should check out Astragalus. Regarded as a fundamental tonic herb, it's a good source of selenium, an antioxidant and immune system stimulant.

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