Feb 20, 2008

A Love Letter

Hi Everyone. It's hard for Reba and I to find stuff to say that you might find interesting. Mom puts all the good stuff on to her blog. I talked to her about this and there are some things she has agreed to let us put up here instead. Check back here from time to time to see the new stuff. While Mom is having a nap and I have the computer, I thought I'd share with you a letter she wrote last night. I found it laying on the couch so figure it's fair game.

Feb. 19, 2008

Hello Sweetheart;

I miss you so, and for now the only contact I can have with you is through letters and in my dreams. Sometimes, when we've been together, I wake up to find myself in my bed with my cat & no sign of you. Whenever I can, I roll over & go back to sleep, to look for you, to be with you once again. Some days, 1 hour, 2 hours, even 5 hours after I get out of bed I find myself going to lie down, to have a nap. I think that much of the time it is because my moments with you are so much better, so much happier & more incredible than my real life. I so look forward to being in your arms again, to feeling your love for me, and to loving you too.
I go now to feed my animals. to get them & myself ready for me to go to bed. I will soon be in the world of Dreamland, my love. I hope to find you there.

Love Always,

Lately, Mom writes love letters to her soul mate that she hasn't met yet. She says she knows God knows who he is and is bringing them together now. I think this letter started out to be a love letter to that soul mate, and became a love letter to the man in her dreams.

Mom has had some problems with drippy tap in the bathtub, so Dan keeps changing the rubber thingy inside it. One day she'll have to buy new faucets, but hasn't found any around here to fit, so is going to check out Delta faucets. Maybe they'll have some that will work for us.

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Jersey - The Furry Diva said...

That prince will be there, soon. Who could resist your mom? Me? No way.

Come and join the fun - I tagged you for the Message in a Bottle.