Feb 24, 2008

We Drove On Water - 2

Here are some more of the piktures Mom took when we were driving out on the lake today. If you want to see the first 10 and to read the story of what we were doin' out on the lake, then scroll down to the post below this one. They were all took by Mom while she sat inside the truck and 'shot' through the open drivers window.

Here's two men and a dawg. Looked to me like they was ice fishin'. Yup, in this part of the world, people actually cut holes in the ice and fish trough the holes.

Our house is just over yonder, behind those trees there.

This guy is taking piktures too!

Lookin' back towards the shore

There is one more pikture that Mom took when we got closer to the land again, just before we drove from the ice back onto good old ground. I think I'll let her post that one on her blog, after all, I'm a dog, not a hog, so I must share... arf, arf, arf.

Reba J. Rottenweiler


When we're outside like that, we get to breath fairly fresh air, and that's nice. Mom and I look forward to when we can open the house windows wide and let the winter air out of the house, and the fresh air in. Another way, of course, is to get one of those
air purifiers.


Sparky said...

That's so cool! You got to drive on water! That must have been fun!


Jersey - The Furry Diva said...

Ooooh... that´s so exciting! I´ve never been ON the water - but IN the water for countless times *woof*


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