Jun 22, 2012

My Phones.

Some people I know still have a land line (home phone), some have a cell, and some have both types of phones.  I had both for a long time, 2 summers ago I let the land line go and went with just the cell phone. After 6 months, I was offered a very good deal on an internet, satellite TV and phone package, so I again had a land line.  About 1 1/2 years later, just this spring, I decided that I would go back to just the cell phone.  While some people use Koodoo, some use vonage world, some have Rogers, I have my cell through Telus Mobility and my TV/internet through Telus. I have a much better cell plan now than what I had with this same company 2 years ago so with that and being able to make phone calls over my computer/internet, I figure I don't really need the land line anymore, so that saves me around $25 per month.  I like having at least one less thing I need to pay for each month. I also like the mobility of having a cell phone, and the protection of having a phone with me if I happen to break down along the road somewhere and need to call for help.

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