Jun 12, 2012

Trike Maintenance

There is so much I have been learning about how to take proper care of my trike, and there is still so much to learn yet.  With Phil's help I've changed my own oil in it and he has me making sure I check bolts and nuts much more regularly than I have in the past. I must admit though that I forgot to check things on it today when I rode it to town to get the fork seals changed. Oh well, I will make sure I check around the trike before I ride it again.... or tomorrow just to have it done.  I learned something today about my front tire, and about how to adjust my carburetors and I still have to learn about cable management, so how to oil the various cables so they don't brake on me.  I am sure there are other things too that I need to learn about basic care and maintenance of my trike. All of this is taking a lot of time when I wish I could just be riding, lol.

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