Jun 17, 2012

Trike Talk

I've been so tied up with trying to get the trike on the road that I haven't even had time to get to the Food Bank to do my volunteer work all week.  This is crazy!! The back brakes have got to be fixed before I can ride the trike and it is just an on going issue that so far no one has been able to fix, yet everyone wants to charge me for their incompetence. Frustration at it's best!! Phil has really gone above and beyond to help with this, yet he only knows so much and has thus far been unable to accomplish as much as needs doing.  The paint job he did is great!!! The 'artsy' stuff is his strong point and he has done that very well, yet the mechanical part is not where he excels, nor is it where I excel, so I must find a good mechanic for the job.

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