Jun 3, 2012

Spiritual Evening

On Thursday evening I went to a friend's place... affectionately called The Ashram, for a spiritual evening with friends... some I've known for years and some I met that evening. It was a truly awesome evening with singing, dancing, watching a Rev. Micheal Beckwith video, blessing water then drinking some of it, etc etc. Chris Madsen, one of the dear friends, is a very gifted musician and song writer. He makes the guitar sing!! He also has drums of various kinds so we tend to drum there too. Oh, he doesn't exactly have a Gibson Les Paul guitar center in his home, but he does have a good collection of guitars as they are the main tool of his trade. I used to go to a Spiritual Centre every Sunday and most weeks Chris was one of the entertainers, singing spiritual, uplifting songs that he had written himself. For some time I haven't been 'connected' with Chris, life took us in different directions for awhile, as with our dear friend Joan. I am so blessed to be reunited with them both now, sharing Thursday evenings at the Ashram... and this afternoon going to Polson Park to do drumming and chanting. It will be a great day!!

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