Jun 22, 2012

Trike Brakes - Getting Happier!!

I just got a phone call from my new mechanic. I am so going to keep this guy as my mechanic for all my vehicle mechanical needs!!! Well... at least it would appear that he is the answer to my prayers... I will soon know for sure.

He (Doug) said that the linkage as it is on my trike is not working and never going to work (that is the polite version), so he has to rip it all off and start from scratch. He will totally redesign it for me and make my brakes work properly.  He knows I want to ride it to the Show & Shine this weekend, so he said if he doesn't get it done today during business hours, he will stay late to do it for me!! AND, unlike the previous guys who did it all wrong, he's not charging me an arm and a leg for doing it!! Thank God I finally got it to the right place!! I will be telling the world about how bad the other guys are.... and how great Doug is!!! Honest, good at his work, and reasonably priced too!!! I have been most unhappy with past so called mechanics and their shoddy work.... I am not happy to be paying yet another person to do the work.... yet I AM happy that my trike will finally be working right!!

I am going to go back to Dunbar Automotive and tell them I want my $28 back since the drums should not have been machined and they, being in that business, should know better!!! If they don't give me my $$ back I will report them to Better Business Bureau.  I am also going back to Dean at ??? Custom Cruisers (forget the name and will get it right in next couple days) and tell him I want my $$ back for the messy job he did on the linkage.  He charged me $450 and I think he should give it all back to me.... though if he gives me $300 I will not press for more, if he doesn't I will take him to Small Claims Court where he will have to pay the full amount back plus court costs and be in trouble for not charging me Harmonized Sales Tax since I paid cash.  The last thing I want to do is take anyone to court for anything.... yet I also am tired of being 'ripped off' by incompetent people who over charge for their work.

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