Jun 11, 2012

Trike Brakes

After spending another $450 on my trike's back brakes (just over $500 now) I sill do not have proper, working brakes. This is really crazy and I am getting very fed up with this problem. Of course, when you have 'go' you must have 'whoa' to be safe and without sufficient 'whoa', I have not been able to ride as I wish to do.

I took it to Phil's last Friday for him to look at some more, after I paid another guy $450.00 to do practically nothing!!  We ended up taking it to a mechanic he has used in the past, a guy named Myron.  Phil went in his car and I followed on my trike. As I pull up in the yard of this guy's shop, I hear a woman say "Is that Alice?"  It turns out my neighbors, Doug & Denise, are now working with Myron.  That was cool!! Both Doug and Myron had a look. I have been told by 2 guys 'in the know' that I do not need new brake shoes and with everything else being done, Phil & I have been thinking that's the only thing left.  Doug and Myron both think I need new brake shoes.  So I went to the auto parts store and they don't carry them, so ad to order them for me and it will take about a week for them to get here.  I am hoping for Thursday or Friday this week.

In the meantime, the trike sits in my carport and I drive my truck!

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