Nov 16, 2008

A Dog's Day

On Thursday, Mom & I went to the dog park. It was a nice day fur a good walk cuz it wasn't raining, and there was some sunshine and that always makes Mom happy. As always, I had a great time there visiting woof all my friends, and new friends too... hooman and dog friends alike. There was one old gal there that was old and overweight, moving real slow. I think she could use a good diet pill woof her walks, arf arf.

Mom locked up her parrot tonight. Usually DW used to stay on the top of her cage so got to be outside of it all day, but now she keeps flying around. Mostly just over to the chinchilla cages, and then chews the wall paper over there. Maybe cuz she likes the company of the other critters, or maybe cuz her cage is too far from the wall now and the chin cages are close to the walls. Today she flew off her cage and landed on Mom's head when she was sitting on her chair, Mom thought that was real nice. Then the crazy parrot flew off Mom and over to the chinchillas again. Mom leaves her there awhile then goes and gets her but after eating, the flight back there is made again. So, DW got locked up. Mom & DW are both unhappy about this 'lock down' situation, though.

I spent most of the day today outside in my dog run and my dog house. I am happy to be in the house now woof Mom, the warm stove, and even the other critters. Whoof!!!

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Anonymous said...

I like the fact that dogs give us a reason to get out of the house and go for a walk.

My parrot, a hahns macaw has got into the habit of flying around the room.