Nov 12, 2008

Mom Might Travel

Yesterday Mom's friend Mike phoned her. He's the guy she goes to the Omak Stampede woof every August and leaves me home alone woof Dan checking in on my and the other critters. Well, he told Mom that his boss bought a big truck in Florida and wants him to go there and bring it home fur him. Mike is gonna ask his boss if he'll pay fur Mom to go woof him. She's never done much traveling and never went very far by hooman standards, so she really wants to go. She was thinking about all the things that are happening right now and make this a real bad time to go away, then at class tonight Rev. Dale said something, I don't know what it was, but it made Mom think that she has to stop thinking about reasons not to go and start thinking about reasons why she can go... start thinking that everything will work out fur her to be able to go on this "once in a life time" holiday. I asked Mom if she's going to be able to go visit my cousing Denny and his son Dustin (Mom's sister's son & grandson) where they live now in Mississippi, but she said no that would be out of the way from where Mike plans to drive on the way home. So then I asked if she'd be going to las vegas nv (I saw it on TV, arf arf) and she said no, they won't likely be that far north when coming by NV. She doesn't know fur sure, but thinks they would go from AZ to CA, then head north back to Canada. Guess now we just have to wait 'til Mike calls Mom woof more information. His boss gets back tomorrow so Mike should learn lots more then.

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