Nov 16, 2008

More Peace Fur You!!

Day 16

Whoof!! A walk in the park today makes me feel much more peaceful inside. I was all full of energy and it just kept bubbling out all over the place. Now I got rid of some of that energy so I can lay on the floor by Mom's chair and rest instead of bouncing all over the place. I feel so peaceful.

Here are some more peace quotes fur you. Maybe they are having an effect on this ol' dog... arf, arf, arf.

Peace is its own reward.

-- Mahatma Gandhi --

Peace is not the absence of conflict, but the ability to cope with it

-- Unknown --

Look what I found and got Mom to help me get it fur showing to you. It was in an ad on one of the "Peace Quotes" sites I was visiting. It's a Peace Watch!!! I like that, WOOF!!

Watch Fur Peace

I sure would like to give one of these to my Mom 'Bean, arf. She would so love to have one cuz she believes "its' Time Fur Peace". The peace sign is even done in crystals and Mom likes sparkly stuff.

Peace to all of you!!

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