Oct 14, 2010


I just did a post titled "Random Thoughts" & when I hit the Publish Post button I was "kicked out" of Blogger.  My post that I wanted up before 9pm got lost and I am not impressed.  Ah, and yet life goes on. Now, to see how many random thoughts I can have again:

- in the last Random Thoughts post, I had problems with the 'functions' here, hit Enter & nothing happens.  That is happening again with this post. I have to click the cursor into place after I hit Enter... grrr.
- I enjoyed time with my TOPS friends today.  The meetings are always fairly good though lunch, sometimes shopping, & finally go for desert with the gals is always nicer.
- I had a good visit with Mom this afternoon.
- I prefer the was "social security benefits" sounds rather than Welfare or Old Age Pension.
- I'm reading the book "The Power" by Rhonda Byrne, very good. She is the author of The Secret & I think this book is a lot better than her last one.
- I'm watching Gray's Anatomy on TV, with my cat curled up on my bed between my feet, my bird DW in her cage near by.

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