Oct 14, 2010

Cast Off

I got the cast off my broken left wrist last Wednesday so have now had a week of slowly, bit-by-bit, moving it as much as possible.  This is not easy as it is very stiff & hurts a lot.  Not just the wrist is like this, but the whole hand is too.  In the morning I can hardly move the fingers so must work them as much as I can until they finally almost straighten out & become somewhat usable. I still can't move the wrist very much, but compared to last week... wow, it is coming along well. I've been thinking about taking some bone & muscle building supplements to speed the healing of all the damaged tissues, & have for the last 2 days been wrapping the wrist with chopped up comfrey leaves for overnight.  It does seem to be helping somewhat so as long as I can get comfrey leaves I will continue doing this.  I am determined to get the use of my hand back.  I need both hands to continue being independent.

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