Oct 21, 2010

Oneness in Action

Below you will find an email I received today and thought a lot of people would benefit by reading.

Dear Team Mates,
We are now fully in fall season. I’m wishing all of you a Happy and Marvelous Thanksgiving Day! Why not using this special day to make a list of all your blessings……read your list regularly, focus on it everyday, it is the best way to have them produce more blessings!
Humanity’s Team World Wide, is announcing that Sunday, October 24th they will celebrate the First Global Oneness Day. Although UNO did not yet confirm this declaration, we want to start to Celebrate! We know that around the world there is 50,000 peoples that want to join us…they have already signed our petition! We won’t stop there!….We are still adding names with a goal of 100,000 signatures!……If you did not sign yet, please sign it now, and ask your friends and family to do the same. …..we want to demonstrate that Humanity is willing to focus on similarities instead of differences!
For this first Global Oneness Day, let us all do a little good for someone else…Bring a plate to someone living alone……pay the coffee for the  person following you at your Tim Horton car service, keep the door open for a young mother struggling with her stroller, smile to a perfect stranger, compliment a colleague……the list could be very long….. Just a little gesture could make a huge difference! With 2500 Humanity’s Team Mates in Canada we could make life just a little bit better and make a difference to someone’s life. 
If you have more suggestions for this Celebration feel free to write! We will share it with all members! We could also post your pictures of how you did Celebrate on our website!
I’m wishing you an outstanding Celebration!   WE ARE ALL ONE

Francine Corbeil   francine@humanitysteamcanada.com

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