Oct 27, 2010


I very much enjoyed having a sunny, warm October this year.  September was unusually rainy and glum so to have a September-like October was great.  I didn't have to start heating my home until about a week or so ago.  I did light the pellet stove a couple times just to take the chill off, but didn't even need to do that much.  I enjoy using the pellet stove to heat my home as it's a nicer heat than the natural gas furnace puts out, as well as it heats the part of the home that I am in without heating the part that is not often used. In order to use the pellet stove, I buy pellets by the ton, 50 bags that are each 40 pounds, and I store them in the carport to be brought into the house as needed each day.  I like to think of these big bags of pellets as being muscle builders as I have to be strong to pick up and carry each 40 pound bag into the house and dump it into the stove and I am sure that doing this helps me to stay strong.  Unfortunately, this year with having broken my wrist I am unable to pack the pellets as I usually do, so I have a friend who comes over every few days to fill the stove up and put a few extra bags into the room by the stove so I can open a bag and scoop pellets into the stove when needing to refill.  This is a slow, tedious way to fill the stove, but you do what you have to do.  I am very grateful to Dan for coming over to help me out like this and I don't know what I would do without him just now.

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