Oct 18, 2010

I've Got BABIES!

Pass the  cigar around folks, I have new babies! Well, foster babies anyway.  I am currently fostering 2 kittens for the BCSPCA.  Every 2 hours, day & night, I have to feed the kittens then wipe them with a warm, damp cloth to simulate what the mother cat would do to stimulate the kitten to pee.

Stamp is long hair & almost all black, only a tiny bit of white on his chest.  I think this kitten is male, though it is still too early to be sure.  He is soooo cute, loves to cuddle & to purr.  He's likely around 3 weeks old.

Tiny is very tiny, likely the runt, and very young.  His eyes are open so I'm guessing him/her to be 2 weeks old.  S/he is a short hair tabby and cute as a bugs ear.

I don't know the story behind these kittens.... where they came from, where the mothers are, how they come to be at the SPCA so young, where their litter mates are... yes, I have lots of questions that I have no answer for.  I just know that I answered a plea for help and agreed to foster these two.  My cat, Mewsic, is not at all happy about this though I'm sure she will survive.  She's staying away if I have the kittens anywhere near me, and when she has come close she hisses & growls at them.  She'll either get used to this or will just have to wait it out until they are gone.  I don't know how long I will have these babies, could be a few days or several weeks, only time will tell.  I am finding it a challenge with the broken wrist, though pretty much everything is.  This gives me something good, positive to do and keeps my mind off my problems.

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