Oct 8, 2010

Some past stuff

I have never been one to drink much alcohol or to do drugs.  Oh, 'back in the day' I tried pot a few times, but wasn't into it like several people I knew. I did spend a couple years of my life with a man that was an 'addict' who was trying to get clean by taking part in the methadone program.  Not exactly a opiate detox situation, but at least he seemed to be trying to get clean.  Unfortunately, he was also too into the booze which didn't sit well with me.  I don't know if it was because of the methadone or because of the booze... or just because he was who he was, but he had a tendency to become mean at times.  It was almost like a split personality the way he'd be so kind & generous, then so nasty and dangerous.  I soon found I could not spend my life with this man and plotted my way to get free. 

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