Oct 21, 2010

Kitten Fostering

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have been fostering 2 kittens for the local SPCA.  Well, it started out being 2, but unfortunately, Tiny passed away yesterday.  He was just so tiny and young, as well as not as healthy as he could be.  It was so sad though, and hard on me to loose the little guy.  I still have Stamp who is older, bigger & healthier.  Trust me, this is a lot of work to look after a kitten who has no mother cat to do it. It keeps you so busy that you don't have time to be bored or to over eat, so you don't really need diet pills.  Or at least I don't.  Every 2 hours you have to make or warm up a special cat milk replacement & bottle feed the kitten(s), then you have to wipe it's butt like mama cat would lick it to stimulate the bathroom process. Thankfully, Stamp is old enough now to be able to 'do his business' on his own, though I had to help Tiny each time I fed him.  This happens all day and night, by the way.  There is also the washing of the little bitty bottles & nipples which is no small feat. I find it more of a challenge now than I usually would as my left hand is only partially working.  Tomorrow will be 6 weeks since the crash I was in where I had my left wrist broken & the right one sprained, so will be awhile yet before I have real use of my left wrist & hand.  I picked the kittens up last Saturday at noon and will be taking Stamp back tomorrow.  Before Tiny died I told them I found the fostering job a bit too hard with the broken wrist, so she found a new foster parent.  Now that it's just one kitten I am handling it better and was thinking I could keep Stamp longer, but then was told there is another foster home set up.  It saddens me, yet I know it is for the best since I am getting too attached to the little guy.  Even Mewsic is starting to like him & that is big, lol.

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