Dec 28, 2007

Angels DO Exist

Did I tell you that Mom & I have a tenant living here now? A old friend of Mom's was sleeping in his truck woof his lil tiny dog, Angel. He came to visit and Mom said he was to live in the travel trailer that we were given a few weeks earlier. Things just work out like that all the time. The travel trailer is tiny, only about 13' to 14' long, and not real warm this time of year, but Don & Angel keep saying they are just fine out there and are happy. Every evening they come up into our house. Some people call our house a 'trailer' but Mom doesn't like that. She calls it our home or a 'mobile home', and she says a trailer is what she can pull behind her pick up truck woof a load of garbage in it, or like the travel trailer. A trailer is something you put a license and insurance on and pull it down the highway. We don't do that with our home.

Anyway, so Don & Angel come to our home every evening and sit here for hours and hours. Don drinks lots of coffee and talks to Mom, even during her TV shows and when she's trying to make money woof her blog postings. She is liking the company, but not too happy 'bout those two things. I'm starting to get used to the little floor mop, Angel, and she's starting to get used to me. However, we still have some problems. We start to play and Mom & Don get scared for Angel and tell me to play nice. Angel runs behind her Dad's legs and hides. Geeeee.... it would be much more fun to play woof a real dog than a floor mop that smells like a dog. Angel is a ShitsWhoo cross, but mostly ShitsWhoo, and she is awfully cute... fur a floor mop that is. Things are starting to work out though, so will see how it all goes.

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Janna said...

It's fun to say "ShitsWhoo." :)
Heh! :)