Dec 1, 2007

Car Angel

Every day we see on the news stories about homeless people, youth gangs, people addicted to drugs and/or alcohol, even people in prisons all over the world. Mom says "I have personally known, over the years, people who were in prison or had been, some who were addicted to drugs and yes, alcoholics too. Recently I even made friends with a homeless person. Oh, this one isn't a drunk or druggie or anything like that, but he has been camping out and sleeping wherever he could find a place safe from the crack heads of our little city, and safe from police who would of course send him on his way or arrest him for vagrancy."

These are very sad stories, though many people are able to say "Oh well, it doesn't affect me". How wrong they are. This affects every one. Each and every person on the face of this earth affects Spiritual Energy which affects every part of our world. Think about how much life has change over the last 30 years, or for that matter, the last 15 years. Mom used to think nothing of walking alone after dark, no matter where she was in the city and area where we live. Now there is no way she would be safe to do this.

These USA based outreach centers are God based and are helping to change the lives of the nations youth and adults. Car Angel uses car donations as well as boat, RV, plane and house donations to fund boys homes for at-risk youth, reaching into the prisons and helping the homeless and addicted get their lives back on track. By helping these people they are helping the world to heal. This sounds like a very worthy cause to me.

Here is a short Christian movie from the folks at Car Angel:

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Julie said...

Homelessness does affect everyone just as you say. I put together a program for our church to help once a month taking a meal and visiting with the people in our local shelter. They can only house 35 people so it's easy to get to know some of them.

We don't preach. We sit down and eat and visit with them. Sometimes they open up emotionally and sometimes they don't but we know that we've tried.