Dec 19, 2007


Mom has a friend living in our travel trailer and he has a little floor mop he calls a dog. Angel is a Shit Sue. Well, I might have that spelled wrong, but hey, not all dogs can spell real good, ya know. I get so mad at Angel cuz she keeps playing with MY Mom! When we're at the dog park I don't care that Mom pets lots of other dogs there, that's fine with me. None of them hang around her for long and none of them lick Mom's nose right up into her nostrils, like Angel does. I know that little hairy floor mop is trying to steal my Mom, and I won't let it get away with that. It's bad enough that I have to share her with that cat she loves so much, the darn thing gets to sleep on Mom's bed with her, while I have to sleep on a big cushion on the floor at the foot of Mom's bed. Now this floor mop comes in and chews my toys and loves my Mom. It's just not right, I tell you!

Now, it's time fur me to earn some dog cookies fur me to eat. If you like horses why not go here and look at the cool horse riding apparel. Whoof!!!

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