Dec 1, 2007

Random Barks

Mom listed my blog with "Dogs With Blogs" months ago and it's still not on there, so today we put another request in and hope I get listed there this time. After all, I AM a dog and I DO have this blog... so I fit the criteria to be on that list. Aren't you proud of me?? 'Criteria' is a pretty big word for a dog... but then, I'm a pretty big dog. Arf!!

I'm 'in the dog house' tonight. Well, not really, I'm actually in the people house, but I got heck from Mom. I get so excited and I run in the house and Mom doesn't like that but can't seem to find a way to stop me from doing it. Tonight there was a plastic Tupperware (or at least that kind of thing) dish on the floor with Chinchilla bath dust in it. Mom had used it to catch the 'escaped' chinchilla and hadn't picked it up yet. I ran over it and broke it in two and spilled chinchilla bath dust all over the floor. Mom is almost out of dust and is trying to 'stretch it' until she can get more, so she got pissed that I wasted it and that I broke that dish thingy that she needs for bathing Charlie Chinchilla. The other chins all have big bottles in their cages for bathing in, but Charlie doesn't have one cuz Mom didn't have that many and cuz poor Charlie is in a smaller cage than the rest of 'em. Last night Mom wanted to shred some papers but the chin cages were right here and the shredder in the other room, so she just gave the papers to the chins. They love chewing stuff like that all up. The birds like doing that too... at least the one that bites Mom all the time likes to chew paper. Come to think of it... I love chewing paper lots too.... arf, arf, arf.

We still live on the same real estate as before and I still love to go to the dog park, though this time of year we don't get there so much. I don't mind the cold and dark, but Mom isn't big on it. Bark!!

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