Dec 15, 2007

Beds: Old and New

The bed I sleep in, and have for many years now, once belonged to my Mom & Dad. They slept in it for a lot of years too. I am not sure, but it seems to me Mom said they'd bought it second hand. It is an antique bed with matching 4 drawer highboy, and a vanity and stool. Unfortunately, during one of the moves we made the mirror for the vanity got broken, and Dad through the frame from it into the garbage. I wish I had that frame so I could get it an new mirror.

As much as I love antiques, including my antique bed, I all too often wake up during the night in pain. Rarely if ever do I wake in the morning feeling rested and refreshed from the nights sleep. When I went to my brother's wedding in May, I stayed at the resort where they were wed, and the bed there was the most wonderful, comfortable bed. In the morning when everyone else went for breakfast, I chose to stay in bed. I did not want to get out of it until I had to. Since then I've wanted a bed just like that one. I want a memory foam mattress.

This is my entry into a contest by Pay U2 Blog and The prize is a queen size memory foam bed. How cool is that!!!


crazy working mom said...

Great job...good luck! :)

Anonymous said...

Mom is really "working it" in her video! Good luck!