Nov 28, 2007

About the Woofless Wednesday Photo!

Maybe I should have told you all that this photo in my Woofless Wednesday post is not of my adopted siblings. It's not even one Mom took, or anyone else that we know. It was sent to Mom in an email that had all sorts of cool photographs of critters in different poses. Mom chose one for her blog that is a hand holding 3 tiny baby hedgehogs and they are very cute. Mom has adopted 3 budgie birds but none of them would be this nice to our cat Shadow. Mom is trying to tame one of 'em but it looks crazy to me. The darn thing keeps biting the hand that feeds it. Mom's had to shake that thing off her hands so many times. The bird is in its cage on the table where Mom does her computer work, and the bird sits in the corner as close as it can get to Mom, it even makes funny little noises when Mom talks to it... then she puts her hand near it and CHOMP, it gets her again. Stupid bird!!

Anyway, whatever people took my Woofless Wednesday photo and Mom's and the other ones in the email all deserve recognition for their good work. They should get trophies.

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Sparky said...

Sounds like a crazy bird indeed! I hope your mom's hand doesn't hurt too much.