Jan 14, 2008

Angel in My Home

I'm starting to really like the little ShitsHoo, Angel. I wish she was bigger so we could really run and play, but at least we're getting to know each other and to like each other. She's about 1 year old, and she's awful small compared to me, but she is still a dog... a dog that looks like a floor mop. She likes to run and play too, so we do a bit of that here in the house, then Mom & Angel's dad tell us to stop. Mom says I knock furniture over when I play in the house like this, and the little floor mop gets me going then runs and hides behind her dad, Don. They used to think she was scared of me, but the other night Mom was sitting in a different chair and so saw Angel start things. She looks at me then starts to dance and dart around, telling me with her actions "lets play", then I get going and she barks, then runs behind Don's legs like she's scared, but she isn't really. I think she was scared of me at first, but she knows better now. Now they come to our house every night and we're getting to know each other better.

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