Jan 11, 2008

Mom's Dreams

My Mom is thinking some real crazy thoughts. She wants to sell our home so she can invest the money is some fancy investment opportunity she heard about. She's real tired of being 'where she is in life' and wants to make some major changes. She thinks that if she did this she could become rich in only a few years, depending on how much she invests.

So where would we live? She's thinking about getting a motor home so we can live around here for part of the year and then drive to Arizona for part of the year. And when we're in Arizona, parked in the desert somewhere, she'd walk across the border into Mexico and get a bunch of stuff done to her teeth. She heard that dentists are really good there and don't cost very much compared to here.

Mom has lots of big dreams. Some make sense and some are a bit crazy. She'll wish and dream and likely still be living her long after I'm dead and buried in the 'Pet Cemetery' in what used to be the orchard right here on Mom's property. She so much wants to change her life, but she knows her family or origin wouldn't understand her doing something like this... and she knows it would be a big risk to sell our home and invest the money, cuz the home is a sure thing and investments aren't. She thinks this one is about a good and sure as they come, but knows there is no guarantee. Also, Mom lives on a disability income, and if she sells her home and doesn't spend all the money on buying a new home, they will cut her off her income until all the money is spent at a rate of speed that they determine to be good, not based on what Mom needs. So she knows it's crazy... and she knows it's likely the only way she will ever get to change her life, to become the person she'd like to be. So this is something real big.

Only time will tell what we end up doing, but in the meantime maybe it's good to dream like that. It might be fun, even if it is a bit scary, to drive all the way to Arizona in a motor home... must me, Mom, Shadow the cat, and the chinchillas. Mom knows she couldn't take all her critters with her, so would be willing to find new homes for the budgie birds and the rabbit, but doesn't want to leave the rest of us behind. She might have to find a sitter to take care of the chinchillas for the winter months when we're gone though. Anyway, it's time for the dog to go to sleep and do some dreaming of my own. Just wanted to share this with you as it's kinda hanging heavy on Mom's mind and I thought it might help her if I told you all about it. Any of you ever go camping in the Arizona desert?

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