Jan 22, 2008

Angel's Tongue Up Your Nose.

Angel, that little Shitzoo that comes to visit every night, just went back to the travel trailer in our yard... her home. Every night before he dad packs her out of here she makes Mom laugh. Mom says good night to her, patting the little floor mop and talkin' to her a bit. Angel then licks Mom's face and licks right up inside one or the other of Mom's nostrils. Mom keeps her lips pressed shut so the fuzz ball's tongue won't get into her mouth too. She (Mom) says you can't be depressed with an Angel's tongue up your nose. I wonder if she could be depressed woof a rottweilers tongue shoved up her nose? Only problem is, I don't think I could get my big tongue into that tiny hole in her nose. Arf, arf, arf.

The way I bounce around the house when I get excited, maybe Mom should look into one of these things.... popup blocker.

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