Jan 14, 2008

Life Stuff

As you all know, I love going to the dog park. Well, I haven't been there for a long time, so am getting really full of energy that I would like to wear off. Mom feels bad that we can't go walking there, but woof the snow and ice it's really hard for her to walk. Her back hurts real bad when she tries and she's so scared that she'll fall down and hurt herself. I hope spring gets here soon. Mom could take me for walks in town I guess, but I'd have to be on lead all the time. I couldn't run free and play woof other dogs, so it wouldn't really give me much exercise, it would mostly frustrate me to have to walk at the speed Mom walks, and on lead to boot. But I still love going for rides in the truck woof Mom. It's fun to ride in the back of the truck and to be real close to Mom. When she gets out to go somewhere, I watch where she goes and I watch and watch until she comes back. I don't like it when I can't be woof her or at least have her in my site. At the dog park I run off from Mom a lot, but I know it's safe there and I know I can run back real fast if Mom needs me.

Angel and I have been getting to be friends. It's weird being a Rottweiler and being friends with a ShitsWho, but it's going that way. Tonight we were playing and Mom & Don were laughing. Angel was running around barking and I'd jump at her and bark just enough to keep her going. She can run around here more than I can, cuz there's just not enough room in the house for me to play like that. But the other night I chased Shadow (Mom's cat) from the kitchen into the living room then back through the kitchen and down the hall into the bedroom. Mom was NOT impressed. She didn't see it as funny like I did.

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