Jan 22, 2008


Tonight Mom got all dressed up fancy and went out to Toastmasters, and she made me stay home. She said that it would be better for me than going along cuz it's so cold out and when she brought home a truckload of bricks recently, the spare tire got onto my blankets so it has be be rearranged in the back of the truck, in the canopy, before she thinks I'll be comfortable back there. I wanted to go anyway, but she made me stay home in the warm house.

A little after 10pm, Mom came home, but not to stay. A friend of hers drove her home in his little Smart Car cuz Mom locked her keys into her truck and her spare keys were in her purse inside her truck, so she had to come home and get her other spare keys to get into it. She put me outside then left to go back and get the truck. Then she went to her church to photo copy a couple important papers and came home to me finally. I was so happy to see her that it took me about 15 minutes to calm down and stop bouncing all over the place. Of course, having Angel and her dad, Don, arrive about the time I came in didn't help things cuz that excited me too. Mom was just about to kick me back outside cuz I was so hyper, but then Don held me woof both his hands on my head and talked to me until I stopped bouncing so much. Mom let me stay in then and we've had a good couple hours since then. Now it's time to go to bed cuz Mom's starting to fade, arf, arf.

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