Apr 14, 2008

Heads or Tails (#3 fur me)

Follow this link to read what Heads or Tails is about, or to find other players of the game. This is a great game and this week's theme/prompt is:

TAILS - Anything that rhymes with Tip.

Well, I'm a dog so I have a head and a tail... yup I do. Well, not much of a tail, cuz it was docked when I was a tiny baby puppy. I don't really even remember it, to tell the truth. My tail had a tip, I guess, but it doesn't any more, cuz that tip got cut off along woof the rest of the tail except fur a short stub... that's what docking the tail is all about. Both of my ears still have a tip on 'em though, so guess that counts fur something. There's also a tip on the end of each toe nail. Mom tries sometimes to cut my toe nails, but I fight her real hard whenever she touches my feet. I just don't like anyone touching my toes. Mom 'Bean took me to a dog grooming place once to get the tips cut off my toe nails, and woof both Mom and that lady, they just barely got them kinda cut a bit.

When I run on hardwood floors, I slip.
Last May Mom and I went on a trip, by truck not by ship.
Some dogs up at the park yip.
My hair is short, so never needs a snip or a clip.
I could go on, but then you might think I'm a drip.

Mom's body has really been terribly sore the last few days and today her friend Dan suggested she soak in a tub, but she won't. She said our tub is too short and uncomfortable, so always makes her hurt worse. I bet she sure would love a nice new walk in tub.


Picturing of Life said...

great post :D

Will you visit my “tip“ Thanks

Tricia said...

You sound like my dog Midnight. I do her nails but she doesn't really like it when I do and she slips on our hardwood floors too.


Hootin' Anni said...

first off, I like how you added "guess that counts FUR something".

Love your rhymes Reba.

Kristian Liebrand said...

Well that was nice poetry kind of stuff.You tried well by rhyming it well.Well I always choose heads as I dont like tails because I always loose when I choose tails.

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Reba. I love how you used tip and other words that rhyme with it.

I don't bring my pal Bruno to the groomers but I make sure I give him regular baths and cut his toe nails when needed. It's summer here and Bruno appreciates a sip of cold water so I sometimes put some ice in his water bowl.

storyteller said...

What fun! My 3 year old lab, Molly, asked me to type a reply for her. She's sorry your pooch has no tail to wag because she LOVES clearing a coffee table with hers! LOL (woof) She loves the poem that 'resonates' with her own experience ;--)

She encourages you to visit my 2nd HoT at Small Reflections today ... and says she's ready to play anytime!

Hugs and blessings from both of us,

Jersey - The Furry Diva said...

The "slippy" thingy sounds very familiar to me, Reba... =)

Sanni said...

You did a great job on the tip/trip/yip/slip/ship/snip/clip - theme, Reba!

You´re such a good doggie!!! ♥

Simply Shannon said...

Awesome Heads or Tails post!

Raven said...

Nice job, Reba. Your poem was very good. Those walk in tubs look wonderful to me too. Hope your mom gets one.

Laane said...

What a marvellous entry, woof!

Maybe your mom wants to have a warm cuddle to forget her pain?

Welcome at my heads or tails:

:: here::

Have a great day!

Kristian Liebrand said...

If you want me to choose between head and tails I would prefer always head as I always loose when I choose tails in the toss.And hope your mom recovers fast.

Mike said...

A good post for this weeks meme Reba. I hope your mom Bean gets a walk in tub soon to so she can take care of herself as well as you. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Abbey said...

Love your HoT Reba...chels hates her toes touched too...

Misty Dawn said...

What a fun post. Yup, we got lots of tips of tails, tips of ears, and toenail tips around here :-)