Apr 14, 2008

Unique Pain In The Butt

There is a guy and his dog living in a little trailer in our lower yard. The dog is a girl Boxer called Unique, and she is about a year or so old. She is real friendly and likes my Mom 'Bean. I like pretty much all other dogs and I don't mind when they come over to Mom fur some patting. At the dog park there's lots of other dogs and we all get along just fine, even the ones that go visit Mom. Before when that little ShitZoo, Angel, was living here, I didn't mind her at all. She was also a girl about a year old. She came into our house and I never minded that, and we even played a bit. But there is something about Unique that I just don't like. When she's around I gets my hair up on my back, along the back bone, and I snarl and growl and bark at her. I even jump on her and push her down onto the ground and show her who's boss 'round here. Mom gets real surprised cuz this just isn't like me but I just can't help myself.

Mom told Unique's hooman not to let her out here and told him that 3 out of 4 critters in the Pet Cemetery here were killed on the highway. She also told him to be sure to pick up Unique's poop. Well, he lets her out to run around all the time, and he doesn't even know where she poops, so doesn't pick it up. Mom isn't happy 'bout that. She not want poop all over the place, and she not want to have any more critters buried in the Pet Cemetery. That makes Mom very sad. And she thinks this guy doesn't love his dog like he should. He even talked to day 'bout the only way to train a Boxer is to punch it so hard you knock it out. Mom is NOT happy 'bout that and will call the police and SPCA if she ever sees him do anything like that... and she'll kick him off the property too.

Thanks fur listening and letting me 'vent' about my problems.


Marilyn said...

What a rotten hooman... My little girl dachsund, Mini, loves other dogs too, but she doesn't like my mother's Lab dog. People are like that too. I like most people but I already detest this trailer man and I never even met him.

Mo said...

Reba, you know how to take care of an individual problem like that right, Unique up on it!


Abbey said...

What a wombat the owner is Reba...surely he couldnt be serious about hitting Unique...i think Mums 100% right!